we are dk-tec

The majority of our customers are the so-called "working man" - and so are the majority of us. This is the main reason why we can offer competent, down-to-earth and realistic counseling. We know what we are talking about, and to a large extent also what our target group has in terms of needs, challenges and wishes for their machines and tools. This is the cornerstone of our company - to make everyday life easier for you who work in running a small farm, planting gardens, working in the housing association, at the cemetery, in forestry, at the riding school, etc., etc. 

Our values

We ourselves value reliability, diligence and orderliness in our daily work and our interactions with each other - and therefore these are also three leading values on which we base our company and approach to our customers. It must be secure for you to interact and do business with us - not only during the purchase process, but before and after as well. When you are in contact with us, you must feel a drive and especially: a desire to act.

We place great pride in orderliness. We don't promise more than we can keep, and we do our best to make you feel taken seriously and treated with respect.

You are allowed to expect something from us - we actually hope you do! 

We are located in nyborg, denmark